Multifunctional Saffron

Posted On 2023-01-16 11:23:10

The combinations of Traditional Chinese medicine or Kampo formulas with saffron have been clinically used for mental disease. From this evidence its combination prescription may open a possibility of new therapeutic methodology for dementia patients. In fact, the combination of saffron and the other herb medicines has been developing to a new medicine against prevention of dementia. Hopefully more research on saffron and its constituent will be expanding and considered more including wide dimensions to create a preventive medicine for dementia in near future. As guest-editor of the “Multifunctional saffron” series, I would appreciate for the support of authors, reviewers and Longhua Chinese Medicine staff, and further I believed that this publication can’t be succeeded to publish without their help.

Editorial on Multifunctional Saffron
Multifunctional saffron
Yukihiro Shoyama

Review Article on Multifunctional Saffron
History of saffron
Tibor Wenger

Saffron (Crocus sativus L.) as a valuable spice and food product: a narrative review
Shunsuke Fujii, Yumi Morita, Tomoe Ohta, Takuhiro Uto, Yukihiro Shoyama

A narrative review of phytochemical profile of Saffron and principal crocetin glycosides
Nguyen Huu Tung, Nguyen Ngoc Hieu, Vu Van Tuan, Yukihiro Shoyama

Effects of saffron and its active constituent crocin on cancer management: a narrative review
Chong-Zhi Wang, Qinge Ma, Sharon Kim, Daniel H. Wang, Yukihiro Shoyama, Chun-Su Yuan

The effect of crocin on neuroprotective activity in vitro: a narrative review
Shinji Soeda, Tomoe Ohta, Takuhiro Uto, Yukihiro Shoyama

Cognitive functions of saffron and its major constituent crocin, a narrative review
Minoru Sugiura, Kazuho Abe, Hiroshi Saito, Tomoe Ohta, Takuhiro Uto, Yukihiro Shoyama

Pharmacological activity of saffron and crocin on dementia: a narrative review
Yui Sasaki, Keiko Kanazawa, Koichi Shimizu, Yukihiro Shoyama

The series “Multifunctional Saffron” was commissioned by the editorial office, Longhua Chinese Medicine without any sponsorship or funding. Yukihiro Shoyama served as the unpaid Guest Editor for the series.